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Creating High Fashion Accessories

We are a company founded in 1949 in Parma specialized in producing fashion accessories in Plexiglass. Our products are obtained by an industrial process but with an handmade crafts and charm.


The production cycle takes place entirely ‘inside our company” : it starts from the study of style, then move on to two / three-dimensional design, to prototyping, to the realization of the molds until the molding stage and the finishing operations and assembly, performed manually by skilled labors. After reaching the department selection and quality control we proceed to the final packaging and delivery of the ‘article, guaranteeing the authenticity of the “ONLY MADE IN ITALY”.

All plastic materials we process (plexiglass, ABS, rubber …) are printed through injection molding machines with the ‘aid of special molds.

The formulas for obtaining mixtures of materials and colors are created by a special laboratory to our company, as well as with the models and molds, performed directly in our workshop.

This allows us to have an assortment of materials and colors and vast power, if necessary, to obtain missing shades, as well as update the model in a short time.

The presentation of our collections is mainly on the occasion of the international trade fairs in which we participate assiduously for many years. TraThese include: Fashion / Milano Unica, Lineapelle, Modamont, Mare di Moda.

The company is always available to meet your requests.

Our Story

In 1978 the company moved the headquarters to Montechiarugolo, about six miles away from Parma.

Founded as a button factory, LABAM developed the “policy of diversification,” which has made it possible to cover the entire field of ‘fashion accessories”. Our production currently spans:

  • Bags accessories (shoulder straps, mesh, fasteners, buckles …)
  • finite chains and mesh loose
  • components and for costume jewelery and embroidery
  • Buttons, buckles and accessories for clothing
  • Footwear accessories (clamps, plates, decorations …)
  • Hair accessories (clamps, bars, elastic)

The originality of the combined production of the materials, the attention to the colors, the careful research of new trends and, primarily, the high quality standard of our production has enabled us to include amongst our customers some of the most prestigious names in the national and international “fashion scene” as well as signatures for which we produce exclusive articles.


All plastic materials we process (plexiglass, ABS, rubber, etc.) are printed through injection molding machines with the ‘aid of special molds.

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Via Parma, 14/bis – Loc. Basilicagoiano
43022 MONTECHIARUGOLO, (Parma) Italy

Phone: +39 (0)521 686000
Fax: +39 (0)521 686393

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